20 Best living room decor Ideas & Designs- 2021

Make your living room your – dream room

Hello, homies!! Here we are with some gorgeous living room décor ideas. Just like your kitchen, your living room is a place for multiple activities. You spend most of your time in the living room. It’s a room where you enjoy multiple activities like attending guests, watching movies, reading books, celebrating birthdays and anniversary parties, and a small get-together with friends and families. Since numerous activities are carried out in this space, so it becomes important for you to design and arrange it lavishly. The living room must be well designed and decorated as it is the mirror of your home.

You need to make this room functional as well as comfortable. You must keep eye on every minute detail of the room while decorating it. From ceiling to floor, sofa to throw pillows and lightings to vases everything needs your attention. For an interesting look first, choose a particular theme and then arrange everything following it.



Cheerful Colors

Colors always cheer up your mood. Give your room a sparkling look by using these rich color threads on your ceiling. This colorful room will surely catch everyone’s eyes. This colorful ceiling is the center of attraction to your living room decor. These bold colors on the ceiling give a vibrant look to the living room. The hanging lights give warmth to the room. Bring in some traditional hanging lights. You can place a rectangular mirror in the corner like the one shown here. The mirror will fill the room with more light. It will reflect all the colors in the room.  Rest keep the look minimal. Try placing the light color furniture as the room already is filled with many colors.

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Place Colorful Cushions


You can place colorful cushions on the sofa to add colors to the room.  Colorful cushions give a complete and vibrant look to the boring room. Always use cushions in contrast with the sofa. You can also try different patterned cushions.  It gives a rich look to the living room. If nothing hits your mind for living room decor then try this. It always works.

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Charming Chandelier

Chandelier In living room


You will fall in love with royal living room decor. The Grey and white color theme is kept in mind while decoring the room. This charming chandelier fills warmth and light in this beautiful living room. Also, the furniture is kept minimal to give a classy look to the room.



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Slay with Sofa

stylish sofa in living room

The main thing you have to keep in mind during the living room decor is the sofa. The sofa must be an attractive one.  The sofa could the full statement of your living room. Place a vintage sofa into your room and slay the look. There is a wide range of sofa available in the market. Choose as per the space and theme of your room.


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Change the look with Curtains

Curtains for living room decor

Curtains can totally transform the look of your living room. If there is a window anywhere in the room you can play with curtains.  There are different varieties of curtains available that can glam your room. You can hang the curtain in contrast with the sofa color. If no combination fits your room, you can go for white curtains. White curtains give a timeless look to your space. You can tie curtains in different ways to give a dramatic look. Living room decor seems easy with a curtain hanging.

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Choose your carpets

carpets for living room


If you don’t have much design on your ceiling and walls, then you can shift the attention to the floor. Carpets and rugs are the best way to do this. Choose your carpets as per the theme.  Choose colorful carpets as they bring vibrance to the floor. This is a beautiful living room decor with an L-shaped sofa and a cushioned center table. This one is a simple and beautiful living room decor.

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lamps for living room

Lamps are the best thing to fill the empty and dull corners of your room. They fill the room with perfect warmth and light. This living room decor will surely hit your mind. It’s a minimal arrangement with a clean look. White and turquoise blue is used in contrast to keeping it classy and simple.  Two full-length lamps are placed on both sides of the sofa at both the corners of the room. This living room decor is fun and easy to arrange.

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Conical Ceiling


Unlike, the circular and rectangular ceilings, you can try some differently shaped ceilings for your living room.  This conical-shaped ceiling is the best part of this living room decor. You can call an expert to carry out this as it takes a lot of skills and hard work.  But this surely worth every penny. This beautiful living room will bring you praises and good words.

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Coffee Table

coffee table for living room


Living room decor is incomplete without the coffee table or center table. The coffee table is the main attraction in the room and is placed in the center of the room. Unlike, rectangular and square-shaped coffee tables, you can go for some unique tables. Coffee table designing is of great importance and is also popular among designers. There is a wide variety of coffee tables available in the market.  If you already have an old table you can refurbish it. Just change the top of the table. Like you can use wood, marble, granite glass, etc. Similarly, you can paint it in a wooden shade. And your table is ready to appeal to your guests.


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Touch of Blue

As the quote says “A certain blue enters your soul”.  No one can deny that blue attracts your soul. This living room decor is a perfect example of it. It’s always fun to play with colors. If your room has neutral colors you can give a touch of blue. Here they have used blue throw pillows and some blue accessories to give a hint of blue. You can combine blue with white, grey, cream, and coral. Rather than painting your walls in blue, try accessorizing your space in shades of blue.


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Peep out


If you are building your home, then this living room decor idea must be on your list.  A large window in your living room could be a great attraction to your guests.  One must always have windows as they let the natural air and light enter your home. If your room has such a large window, you can surely enjoy nature’s beauty. You can sit back and enjoy the sunrise and sunset while having your coffee. You can have multiple windows in the room or you can make it an extension of the wall.  Furthermore, you can hang beautiful tissue curtains to give a more decorative look to the room.  Similarly, you can also try hanging the fairy lights around the window panel. It will surely enhance the look of your living room.










Minimal Look


This minimal look living room decor idea is the best you can pick from this blog. Here they have placed a simple off-white sofa.  The whole room is decorated in shades of white and a hint of black is used for contrast.  White carpet and puff are placed in a perfect alignment.  Two similar paintings are hanged on the back wall.  Lamps and ceiling lights are placed perfectly to illuminate the room. It gives a simple and minimal look to the room.  In case you want to add extra seating, bring some more chairs and small tables and arrange accordingly.










Bohemian Look

Boho theme for living room


Give a cheerful look to your room by opting for the Boho theme. There are no rules in the bohemian style. It’s an aesthetic way to design your room. Give a splash of colors to your space making it look more lively. A bohemian look gives a summer vibe. This look is a treat to your eyes and instantly uplifts your mood.  Boho keeps you connected with your culture and gives a sensibility of modern life.  The bohemian look can never go out of style.







Dark Shades

Black sofa for living room

Never get afraid of the dark. Create more drama by choosing dark shades for the living room decor. You can either paint walls in dark shades or bring dark-colored furniture. Also, try dark color carpet or rug.  You can use lamps, light shade curtains or contrast color throw pillows to brighten up the room. This living room idea is perfectly designed using dark furniture. Dark shades give a sense of luxury and richness.






3D walls

3D art on wall for living room Are you excited to give a 3d effect to your living room? Make your living room unique by giving it a 3d effect.  You can edit your room by choosing a single wall and giving it a whole new dimension. Create a 3d look using tiles, stones, or pebbles. You can also try 3d wallpapers as they will refresh the room. You can also try different patterns and select one according to the theme of your room. The whole new transformation will amaze you and your guest.






Perfect Pastels


Pastel colors are the easiest way for living room decor.  This living room decor is best suited to soft-natured people. This kind of person prefers pastel a lot.  Pastel colors have a wide range to offer you.  Pastel shades are very relaxing and comforting. Patel colors have a different fan base. This living room is very soothing and relaxing. You can easily transform the space into this one. Just try choosing multiple light shades for decorating the room. You can also paint a wall in a pastel shade and it will totally give a pleasing look to your room.








Miraculous Monotone

Monotone living room decor

Monochromatic living rooms are never out of trend. The neutral colors are always on everyone’s favorite list. They reflect the simplicity and are loved by the ones who don’t like gaudiness. For a monochromatic living room, you need to use a base color. Then you can use different shades and hues of that base to give a monochromatic look. This monochromatic living room is very well designed. You can use a different shade throw pillows to give it a contrast.





Sophisticated Seating

Why don’t you try a formal seating area? This sophisticated living decor will surely catch the attention of your guests. Try arranging the furniture in an aligned manner. it should not be very pompous. Arrange your furniture in alignment with your ceiling. You can try a basic rectangular arrangement in accordance with your circular or quadrilateral ceiling. You can use soft colored curtains in your hall such as gold, cream, grey. Furthermore, use a tinted glass center table to give your drawing room a mushy look.






Classic fireplace

Whether you have a modern or a traditional living room, a fireplace always enhances the look of your room. A classy fireplace adds luxury to the room. The fireplace makes your room warmer and cozier. You can design this focal point in different ways as per the theme of your room. This fireplace adds a natural look to the living room. It gives a farmhouse effect to the room.

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Focus on wall

Frames on walls for living room decor This beautiful living room will definitely take your breath away. The frames on the wall and these big plants give a perfect look to the room.  Try adding frames to the bare-looking walls. Create a mini gallery using multiple frames of the same size or of different sizes. The frames instantly add interest to the wall. These black and white photo frames are the best way to decorate the wall minimally.

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So these were some of the quick and easy living room decor ideas. Hope you found some useful tips to decorate your living space. Please drop your views and share this with your friends.


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