Modular kitchen design Ideas

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Hey, Homies! We all know that kitchen is a salient feature of the house. Hence it should be well presentable. A lively kitchen will freshen up your mood and all you’ll get is delicious food. So let’s board on a journey to make things prettier at your place.
Remember our aim is to make your place better. So you need to analyze your space and what you can adapt from our suggestions. These pictures are for reference; you need to find out yourself what all you can adopt to enhance your home-style. Scroll down and find out the best kitchen design ideas for your old kitchen and get a new one.

Keep it finished

Balck and white kitchen design


This kitchen design gives you a feel of perfection. Everything is well arranged. All equipment like refrigerator, oven, and dishwasher are given a proper place. It also has extra seating, illuminated with metallic hanging lamps.

Go Indigo

indigo kitchen design idea

If the same color or neutral color kitchens bores you. Then this is the kitchen design that you are going to love. This L-shaped kitchen is very attractive. The indigo color on the cabinets is the center of attraction. The premium white and indigo color makes the perfect combination for the area. There is plenty of space for cooking. You can easily move in from one side to another. The dishwasher and ovens are very well arranged. This kitchen is perfect for small as well as big families.

Keep it minimal

minimalistic kitchen design


This kitchen design is perfect for people who always like to keep things arranged. It’s a simple and compact kitchen design. Use minimum things in your kitchen. It keeps the kitchen clean and arranged.

Grey toned lemon yellow pop-out

If you are bored with the same color all over your kitchen, then try this lemon yellow pop out. It will make your kitchen stand different from others. It’s a perfect L-shaped kitchen for singles as well as for families. Ro water filter and culinary items are well fitted into the area.

Woody moody

bar style kitchen design

Wooden kitchens are always preferred in Indian homes. If you want to give a wooden touch to your kitchen, then this one is the best design. From cabinets to the Floor everything is of wood. This kitchen works best for people who have work-from-home jobs. There is a dedicated corner for your office work so, that you can do your office work as well.  You don’t have to rush from one room to another. One place will serve all your purpose.

Sky Blue theme

This Island layout kitchen design is well suited for big families. The cooking and preparation spaces are well separated. You get enough space for cutting and cooking. This kitchen enables you to enjoy cooking in a group. There is a lot of space for multiple cooks. The two pendant lights on top of the dining fill the room with warmth. You can also attach the dining to the island top when required.

Illuminate with the tungsten bulbs



It’s a charming kitchen with black and white cabinets. A lot of space is there for hanging the cutlery. The kitchen includes a dining area. A wooden table with white chairs gives it a perfect look. You can illuminate the whole kitchen area with hanging lights. This bamboo rope vintage pendant lamp gives a beautiful look to the kitchen. It will fill the space with light and warmth.

Wood in different shades


If you love the wooden finish, you can try this kitchen design. The wooden touch gives an enriched look. The platform and walls are painted white just to balance the wooden tone. This parallel layout kitchen works best for large families. There is one side for the cooking and the other parallel platform can be used for meal prep or dining. You can add stools or chairs to the other side to use as a dining table.

Island with storage

island with storage for kitchen design ideas


Try to minimize the kitchen essentials on the countertop. For this purpose islands with storage are best. You can put all your essentials into it and the island can be used for cooking and dining. This kitchen is perfect for big families. There are a number of cabinets and an island with storage that gives you enough space for storing the kitchen essentials.

Red Velvet Popout

red color kitchen design ideas

Spice up your kitchen with this red velvet straight layout design. This Red and grey modular culinary space are perfect for a kitchen makeover. The red color in combination with grey gives a bold look to your kitchen area. It has given a glossy touch which gives a premium look. This small space is designed very intelligently and has an attached dining area to it.

Glass Windows


Always try to keep your kitchen bright and airy. Let the sunlight and fresh air enter your cooking area. This big glass window opening to the backyard is perfect for this kitchen. This beautiful view of greenery while cooking will lighten up your mood.

Woody Touch Cabinets


This U- Layout kitchen design is perfect for small homes. This combination is perfect and looks fabulous. The wooden cabinets are perfectly designed. To give a contrast black countertop is used. Likewise, you can also use beige color for the countertop. It is well suited for singles and small families. One or two persons can easily accommodate in this area.

Matte blue finish cabinets

This small L-shaped kitchen is perfect for singles and small families. It has wooden cabinets. Introducing matte blue finish cabinets amplifies the kitchen design. To match the color of wood they have used a beige color platform. There is a glass on the wall behind the gas stove. This glass helps in maintaining cleanliness. This kitchen design is simple and affordable.

Elegance is everything

This kitchen gives you a timeless feel. This plain and simple white kitchen is a perfect example of an elegant kitchen. The cabinets, the countertops, and walls, everything is painted in white. The island cabinets are painted walnut, and it gives a perfect contrast. Similarly, you can use other woods for the contrasting touch. The big glass window provides enough light and air into the area.

Glossy look


This glossy finish gives a perfect look to your kitchen. Unlike, matt finish glossy gives shiny look to the area. The glossy finish reflects more light and looks modern. The glossy cabinet will catch everyone’s eye. This glossy finish is best if you visually want to give a spacious look.

Go bold with Orange


This Peninsula layout is a wonderful kitchen design for homes that have less space. The orange color on the wall units gives a bold look to the area. There is a separate space for cooking and cutting. You can bring in some chairs and can convert this island into a dining space.


Wooden Platform



This kitchen has an L-shape design. The premium white color gives it a rich look. Light colors make a room look spacious. Here they have given a wooden platform, which makes it look beautiful. This kitchen design has a large window. The openings like this always give a fresh feel. Small dining kept for breakfast and snacks.


Go White


If no color combination strikes your head then Go White. Thanks to trending monochromatic themes. This would maximize the light in the room. We would highly recommend this if your kitchen currently is suffering from some sunshine shortage.

Multitasking countertop


This two-in-one platform will surely attract you. If you have a small space, you can use it both as a work area and a dining area. Here you can make preparation for your food and also you can eat food. One need not put much effort just place some stools. Your multitasking area is ready. It’s a benefit that you don’t need a dining table here, which saves you money.

Bring in some sunshine


This L-shaped kitchen looks simple and subtle. Always give window opening to your kitchens as it brings in sunlight to space. You can add a color pop. Put some Yellow planters on the window area. It always cheers up your mood. The yellow and green combination brings in positivity.


Leafy Patterns Electric blue kitchen


This electric blue kitchen will surely catch your eyes. This color makes the kitchen look bold and beautiful. This straight layout modular kitchen is perfect for small families. It has enough space for cooking and cutting. The leafy pattern on the opposite wall with the attached mirror makes it look more beautiful.


Kitchen Chairs


Bring in some long chairs or stools for your kitchen likes those you see in bars. This will make your kitchen more presentable. You can place cushions on the chairs to make them comfier.


Bold Hues

More often, you will come across L-shaped kitchen designs. L-shaped kitchens are common among Indian houses. Here the cabinets are matt blue with a matt finish. This color gives a bold look to the kitchen. It makes your kitchen area more attractive. To complete the look use a brown wooden platform in the kitchen. Give an opening for the window. It gives you fresh air and sunlight, which is very much needed in the kitchen area. The kitchen has ample space for multiple cooks.


Go Green with Teal


Your cookhouse would look refreshing if you keep it close to the environment. Come on, bring in some greens. You can adapt a textured wall in a teal color and mix shades of white or grey for the rest of the things. We would recommend white would be enriching the room as it reflects most of the light coming in. In addition to this, bring some plants in. Either natural or artificial, it depends on how well you can take care of plants. Greenery will calm your mood and gives a soothing effect to the place.


Beautiful Brick Look

You can try giving an old wooden look to your kitchen. For this, you need to focus on all aspects. Here, paint the walls in shades of brown color. It would be best if you use some brick-style stone on the walls. If not, then try painting in a similar texture or look for wallpaper that can give the required effect to the place. Now arrange your furniture accordingly. Similarly, choose the shade of your modern kitchen platforms and cabins.



Decorating a kitchen is a cumbersome task if you already have one. You need not try very hard to do the same. The above pictures are for reference and it is very difficult for you to adopt one if you are not building from start. You need to keep in my mind your space and what changes you can make.
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