10+ Charming front porch ideas

“Make your front porch a part of your home, and it will make you a part of the world.” – John Sarris

Hello Friends!! Here we are! With the 10 charming front porch ideas. As we all have heard “First Impression is the Last Impression” and it always works like that. Then why not make your house’s front porch look beautiful??

Anyone who visits your house has a first look at your porch and actually, your porch is the place that catches the attention of the visitor. As shoes are the first noticeable thing in your personality. Likewise, a porch is to the house.

Porches are the best for sipping your evening coffee, reading your favorite book, enjoying the rain, entertaining guests, and enhancing the beauty of your house. Porches are also best for the kids to enjoy their summer holidays.

You might not have given your attention to it but believe me, this place grabs most of the attention of the visitors.

Regardless of your designing skills, we here bring the best ideas for you. Just look at the article and you will surely find the ideas to decorate your front porch area. So what to wait for? Let’s together renovate the front porch of the house.

1. Blue ceiling


Unlike, other porches this front porch is fully covered. You can weatherproof your front porch area by placing a roof on it. Paint the ceiling to make it colorful and cheerful. If you don’t have the expertise in painting the ceiling you can go for wallpapers. Ceiling wallpapers are a good option to give a dramatic look.  Give it a little entrance and make it your entertainment space. Place some chairs with cushions to make it cozy and comfortable. We love this out-of-the-box concept.

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2. Rustic red traditional porch

This long porch area will surely attract you.  More space will help you to accommodate more people. You can arrange multiple sittings. Place a comfy couch and some wooden chairs into the hallway. Place as much furniture as required. You can attach the net swing for children. Make use of the rustic red paint to color the arches to complete the look. But, make sure you use the rust color to give highlights into the room. Bring in some decorative plants for a fresh look.  You can also accessorize the room with metallic color throw pillows.

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3. Hang the bottles

You can try some funky looks. Hang some colored glass bottles just similar to the picture. It will give a beautiful look to the entrance. It adds vibrance to the area.

These glass bottles are easily available in online stores and are budget-friendly. Likewise, you can also put fairy lights on the borders of the shed. This combination will surely add up the brightness to space. Also, you can sit outside at night time and feel relaxed with these colored dim lights.

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4. Corner seating


If you are looking to spend your evenings sitting out with nature, this arrangement is perfect for you. Especially, when it rains everyone likes to enjoy it with a mug of coffee.

You don’t need much effort to decorate the front porch. Just place a comfortable wooden chair with a stool at the corner of the front porch. Here you can paint the old chair with white premium paint or you can buy a knitted stool and chair from the market to match this look. It will add appeal to your front porch. You can also add up a hanging plant and some other planters to make it look beautiful.

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5. Blue and White Hues

mix and match combination at front porch

Try to play with different colors. Just add a splash of color with sky blue tables and chairs. Place some cushions on chairs for comfy seating. Afterward, you can paint the doors and windows with the same hue to make it even. You can also put small pots to connect nature to space.

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6. Airy and Comfy

You don’t need to make your front area very big. Just a little space will do the work. Either you have a big family or you have many visitors. You can try a grouping of chairs. Just place as many chairs according to the space of your front porch. Place a table with them to enjoy coffee and snacks with your family and friends. Also, place a colorful carpet and hanging pots to give your porch a fresh look.

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7. Greenery at front

In case you don’t have much front space and no decor idea is hitting your mind. You can choose this setup. Bring some decorative plants and plant them side by side in a single lane. Hang some colorful planters with artificial or live plants. It will give a beautiful look to the front area.

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8.Highlight with Red

If you have a closed narrow porch, you can try the above-shown arrangement. This red comfy sofa is the highlight of the room. It brings brightness and color to this neutral painted space. Place a long cushioned sofa with some throw pillows.  You can also add the furniture like the table placed here. Also, add some plants to give a complete look.

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9. Set up a small nursery

nursery at front porch

Usually, people like to have plants in their backyards. But, you can have your little nursery on the front porch. Set up the small nursery using the vintage tin boxes and a wooden plant stand on the porch. You can also paint these tin boxes with bright and cheerful colors.

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10. Simple and Usable


simple coffee table at front porch

You can dedicate a corner of your porch for sitting. This corner is furnished with a pair of iron tables and chairs. You can put the vase on the top of the table as shown in the image. It will add a contrast to the color. This porch décor is simple and budget-friendly. Just add simple furniture to make it look attractive.

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11. Just swing around

Hanging a swing on the porch enhances the look of your entrance and adds up to your entertaining space. Swings are great for outdoor and indoor entertainment.
I always love to have a swing in my home. Swing is always fun to have in your house. From morning sunbath to breezy evenings, no house is complete without a swing.

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Whether you install a swing inside your porch or in the open area, it is always fun to have them in your house. Swings have been part of traditional Indian homes for a very long time. In India, we call swings like jhoolas.
It may also remind some of their childhood times. When we used to visit our granny’s house for the summer holiday, we always spent our evening time on swings. If you were a lucky kid, your parents too had it in your house. Swings add playfulness to the house.
Hanging swings is never out of trend. They are always chosen when it comes to creative porch decoration, lawns, balconies, or living room decoration. Swings are liked by all. Kids love to have fun with swings. Similarly, adults and old-aged people are also fond of swing.

There are different kinds of swings-
• Bubble swings
• Hammock Chairs
• Sofa-cum-bed swings
• Tire swings
• Slings
• Bucket swings
• Bench Seating
You can hang any of the swings depending on your budget, space, and usability. You can enhance the beauty of your entrance by adding any one of them. It is a different theme that makes your porch really pretty. It gives your guests a warm welcome and a friendly feel. Swings add class and style to your porch décor.

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12. Fill the plants

plants on front porch

Here, beautiful stairs to the house that leads to the main entrance of the house. It is a nature-inspired look. Usually, people put two or three plant pots at the entrance. But, here the owner has framed the main entrance with plants. This entrance looks bushy and beautiful.
You can choose plants of different colors. Arrange the pots with symmetry as it will give your front porch a systematic land classy look. This arrangement will give your front porch a garden feeling and will add vibrance, greenery, and fragrance to the front porch.

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13. A treat to yourself

Front porch

Above all, this one is my favorite front porch decor idea. If you have a bit of a large space in front of your house then go for it. This arrangement will give you a vacation feeling. If that is the ambiance you are looking for, then just grab this look. Place a comfy sofa set with a center table.

To add the aura add some plants, a floor lamp, colorful cushions to the setup. Make weatherproof roofing to make it enjoyable in every season. Hang some light-colored curtains.
Whether you are alone with your partner to enjoy the candlelight dinner or you want a little night party with your friends, this setup will serve the purpose in every way. Just set up the scene and enjoy it.

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