Quick Corner Décor ideas

“Décor the empty Nook of your home”

Not many people give importance to corner decor. Everyone decorates their rooms but nobody gives attention to the corners of their houses. Sometimes it’s because people don’t have ideas as to what to do with the corners and how to decorate them. They find it very challenging. Mostly the corners of homes are left unnoticed. Corner decor is always fun to do.

It takes minimal effort to décor a corner. Most of the time you just need to bring in some small items like a sofa chair, a plant, a swing, a decorative item, or the hanging lights.

See your home corners as an opportunity to create a relaxing corner or a small working space.
Always remember the interior of your home is completed only when the corners are well decorated. Turn the corners to the most attractive spot in your rooms.

Let’s make the nooks of your home decorative and functional. Whether it’s a small or a big corner, we always have an option to make it look alive.

Setup a viewpoint

This is one of our favorite corner decor ideas. This empty space is intelligently decorated. It is unique in its own way. The ordinary window opening is magically transformed into an attractive corner. The window is decorated using wooden frames and is converted into sofa seating. You can place some cushions to make it comfy.  A calming viewpoint is created.

Place a chair and small table for enjoying the evening time. Some more fun is added by hanging the indoor swing chair.  Likewise, you can hang other types of swings that are there in your home.







Display painting


There are many odd-looking corners that are there in your homes. And you don’t have any idea what to do with them. Try this corner decor idea. Instantly transform odd nooks into attractive ones by hanging the paintings.

You can always bring some plants and put them in the corners. This corner is now the focal point of the room. Paintings are the best options for corner decors. It’s the most simple way to fill the empty space. You can also try the art gallery. It depends on the size of the corner.  Bring colorful paintings to create an attractive corner.








Over the headlamp


Corners like this are always a dead weight. But, you can always make them look pretty. Over the headlamps are beautiful and are very useful. You can place a small round table with this lamp and voila!. Here you can do your artwork like sketching, drawing, or painting.  Perfect for the works that need detailing as there is a lamp that helps you focus on your work.










Reading corner


In case you are a book reader then this corner decor is perfect for you.  If your room has large corners with windows, you can convert them into the reading corner. Place a small sofa in the corner and put some throw pillows on it. The comfy reading zone is ready for book lovers. You can place small plywood furniture to make it more functional.










Set up a workplace

As the work from home trend is blooming, this arrangement should come to every mind. If you have big halls, you can always set up a home workplace for yourself.  Upgrade the empty nooks to a home office just by bringing in the perfect table and chair. Your small home office is ready. Place the sexy chair and a floor lamp to amplify the look.




Color pop-out


Bring life to dull nooks by poping out some colors and lights.  Introduce the orange sofa chair and pair it with a small table. This orange sofa makes the corner look attractive. You can place a floor lamp at the back of the sofa chair. It fills the corner with warmth. A beautiful corner is ready for spending some me-time.






Display ladder


Nowadays, ladders are in trend. They come in different shapes and sizes. Bring one as per your space requirement. The ladders can be used as shelves to keep your books. You can place small plants to decorate it. The decorative items can also be placed on it to make the corners look beautiful. The ladders are perfect for the corner decors. They can be used as a space-saving idea.





Hang a swing


If there are odd-looking corners and nothing good hits your mind then this one is perfect for you. Hang an indoor chair swing into the odd corner and make it functional. You can enjoy time reading books and taking on the phone over there.  Place the cushion below the swing and give your feet a comfy treat. It’s the best way to give rest to your legs. Add some fairy lights to give warmth to space and make it look more attractive.









Study Point


Corner decor becomes very easy when you need to create a study point.  You don’t need to put in much effort. Just, place a matching desk and a comfy chair. Light is necessary for the study table. Find a table lamp or a double-headed floor lamp, that will help you focus on studying. To make the corner look decorative, place some small plants on the tabletop. You can hang photo frames or wallpapers to give complete look to the corner.









Pot stand


There are many such awkward corners in your home which makes the room look dull. The best you can do is bring a decorative planter with an indoor plant. Place it on a wooden or an iron planter stand. It will fill the naked corner.











Comfy Corner


You will surely love this beautiful corner idea. These bare corners near the windows are always a burden when it comes to corner decor. Place a blue comfy sofa chair and a sizeable table. Add a floor lamp at the back of the sofa, it will illuminate the corner in a perfect way. Hang artwork on the plain wall to give a complete look. This minimalistic approach will convert a lonely corner into an entertaining section. You can read a book, have your snack or watch television. Use this space the way you like.








Indoor plants


Plants are everyone’s best friend. Whether you want to decorate the indoor or outdoor space of your home, plants help you in every way. There are different options available for indoor plants. if you have an empty corner beside your furniture, you can choose long-length plants.

Here the mother-in-law’s tongue plant is placed in a white planter.  Other plants like Areca Palm are also preferred for corners. These decorative plants make your space look alive and fresh.








Colorful corner


There is color everywhere. If your life feels black and white, then this flamboyant corner decor is for you. Pair a bamboo chair with cushions for comfortable seating near the window. Now try to bring as many colorful things as you can. Curtains lay an important role in decoration. These multicolor curtains give a rich look to the corner. Place a vibrant color carpet to give a colorful look to the corner.









Rest a guitar


If you are having a bad day, pick up a guitar. Guitars are the best for bringing some music as well as decor to your home.  You can use a guitar to decor a corner. Place it or hang it on a wall to decor the corner. If you are a guitar player set up a lower seating for playing the guitar.  you can also add artificial plants and a ladder to give it a finish.










Add small bookshelf


Not every corner is perfect to decorate. In such cases, you can get small furniture for storage purposes.  Get these small bookshelves for squeezed corners. They fit well and will do the work. They are good for decor as well as servers for the purpose of storing your books and other stationary times.  It is best to transform the bare nook into useful storage.





Small furniture


If your lounge room has large corners then you convert it into a small seating area. Adding small furniture to unused corners makes it functional. Get another small sofa and set up a secondary seating area. This will bring coziness to your living room. Likewise, you can bring some more small furniture like a round table and a chair.  You can think of decorating the area using hanging plants, vases, or some decorative items.




Relaxing corner


You can transform the empty corners into relaxing zones.  Such corners give you a perfect opportunity to customize a boring corner into a cozy space. This grey sofa cum chair is perfectly fitted into the corner and gives you a chance to relax and enjoy your time. You can accessorize the space with decorative planters and vases. Black and greys can be perfectly paired.




Long stand Lamp


If your living room has small boring nooks like the one here, then you can get a long stand lamp. Lamps are best to get fit into small odd corners. They will correctly brighten up space.  Lamps are always in trend and they give a stylish look to your corners. You can match the lamps with your furniture to make them look even.







Place a stool


Bedside corners always look boring and dull. Most of the time we don’t have clue as to how to make them look good. The simplest way for such corner decor is to bring a table and accessorize it. You can put tiny plants, an alarm clock, small lamps, or a book. The table makes space usable.





Jute Basket


Bring in some jute Baskets into your houses. You will surely love them. These jute baskets are eco-friendly and are multi-functional. They are available in different colors and sizes. You can use these jute baskets as planters.  You can easily grow a plant in them. Here the cactus is planted in the jute basket and is the best idea for corner decor. It gives an attractive look to your boring corners.  You can pair it with the cocoon/Jute chair.  These chairs look traditional and attractive. A perfect corner decor is ready. You can seat yourself here and relax.







Set up a coffee corner

If your kitchen doesn’t provide you space for the coffee table, then you can create it like the one here.  All you need a small coffee table and a bare corner.  Your coffee corner is ready. Such odd corners are perfect to set up a coffee corner. This turns out as one of the best corner decor ideas. You can accessorize the table with a small vase and fresh flowers.





If you got a beautiful view, then this one is the perfect corner decor idea for you.  Many homes have such empty spaces. You can create a mini office like the one here.  You can easily try this idea. Get an L-shaped table and a moving chair. Place a vase with a plant to give a fresh and airy look. Your unused space is transformed into a fully functional mini-office.




Window Seating


In every house, there are naked corners near the windows. The best you can do to decor such corners is to get a chair and a small round table. Convert the corner into a seating area. Make space comfy and attractive. For corner decor, you can place a planter on the table. Hang a woolen knitted lamp, they give a traditional look. You can hang paintings or stick wallpapers on the sidewall to complete the look.  Here the curtains also play an important role. So choose curtains wisely. You can choose neutral hues as well to give a subtle look.







Cute Couch


Don’t hesitate to fit a couch into a small space. Get a small modern couch that fits into space. Corner seating helps to create extra space. Keep your furniture away from the walls to give a wider look.  Painting all walls in a white tone brightens up space. Now bring the cool-toned couch to give a classic look.

Make the seating cozy using the throw pillows and plush. You can give a contrast using cushions of soothing colors. It’s a space-saving corner decor idea. No matter what shape or size couch you use, it’s comfy for lounging.  This cute couch is the focal point of the room.







Corner Nursery


When nothing much hits your mind for corner decor, the plants come to aid. Big or small space plants will do the magic. You can mix plants of different sizes to make a small nursery corner.  You can create a small indoor garden by accumulating different varieties of indoor plants. Plants make the space look bright and fresh.

You can use different beautiful planters to give a vibrant look to space. You can land for cacti or succulents, as they don’t require much watering. Plants make you feel lively. Plants are very much in trend and are the best option for the corner decor as they do not need much maintenance. You can also crack on artificial plants.






Musical corner


In case you are a music lover, then this is the perfect corner decor for you. There are many ignored corners in homes. Choose one and make it functional as per your taste.  Try to get a plywood piano table and a comfy chair. illuminate the area with the table lamp. A perfect place for a piano lover is made ready. You can accessorize the corner with a big plant and a vintage-style mirror. The round-shaped mirrors will amplify the overall look.  The odd space is now magically transformed into a musical corner. This arrangement gives an interesting look at the boring corner space.









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