The Best 10 Poufs for you in 2021


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The Best 10 Poufs for you in 2021Versatile, colorful, trendy, but above all very soft. The pouf is one of those furnishing accessories that should never be missing inside a home for the multiplicity of possible uses and the extraordinary aesthetic result.Born as complimentary seats, today they are also widely used as alternative tables, footrests, containers, and even beds. Soft, functional, and beautiful, they are the ideal solution when you want to create a comfortable relaxing corner in the living room. They also represent the right compromise between habit and practicality in a small room.

The poufs met with enormous success in the 80s when they were an indispensable piece of furniture. After a few years of oblivion, in recent times they are enjoying new fortune, thanks above all to their extreme versatility, which makes them particularly suitable for modern homes, increasingly smaller and therefore, increasingly looking for practical and beautiful furnishing solutions. , but also not bulky.

There are infinite models on the market, each capable of giving originality and personality to any room in the house. Choosing the right one for each room is child’s play thanks to the great variety of styles available, adaptable to any type of decoration. For example, we can choose between Shabby-style poufs or ethnic and oriental ones.

Of course, there are poufs of all sizes, from the smallest and most discreet ones to those almost as large as an armchair, designed to be able to lie down and relax in complete tranquility. If you’ve never thought about buying a pouf to complement your living room with style or make your bedroom more comfortable, maybe it’s time to do it.

Smart Pouf with Storage

Patterened Jute Pouf

Traditional Pouf

Blue Melange Cotton Pouf

 Faux Fur Pouf

Wooden Legs Pouf

Paper Print Pouf

Basket cum Pouf

Organizer Box Pouf Chest Single Seat 

Mandala Print Pouf


What is a Pouf?

The term “pouf” derives from the French and is an onomatopoeic word that indicates the characteristic noise produced by the padding when someone sits on it. The pouf is nothing more than a low stool entirely covered with soft padding. Originally they were low and cylindrical or oval in shape, but over the decades the original shape has undergone numerous changes that have led to the creation of a great variety of upholstered stools, which have become real design elements. Just think that it is possible to find pouf models made of wool or velvet on the market, with completely original patterns such as the zebra effect.

The evolution of the shape has gone hand in hand with the evolution of their use. Born as a simple stool, designed to sit or at most to stretch the feet, today the pouf is also used as a coffee table, bed, or armchair, and therefore has become a transformable object in all respects.

As already mentioned before, there are infinite varieties on the market, so much so that it is difficult to trace common characteristics, except for one: the padding. Apart from particular rigid poufs, in fact, a pouf cannot be without padding.

The padding of the poufs is very particular since it is made up of many small polystyrene balls that have the characteristic of adapting to the shape of the person sitting on them and to the different positions taken. They are very versatile furnishing elements and consequently, they can be placed in any room of the house and mainly in the living room and bedroom places par excellence dedicated to rest.

Depending on the type of pouf chosen, these upholstered stools can be used as complementary seats, footrests, tables, containers for objects, or emergency beds. They are also suitable for the guest room or for the children’s room, which can be used if necessary as a stool to sit or as a table for games.

Furthermore, when choosing an ottoman, some elements must be kept in mind:

  • Room size
  • Room style
  • Main use

The poufs, in fact, must be chosen according to the size of the room in which they are to be positioned and the style of the latter, so as not to be too bulky, or out of tune with the rest of the furniture. It is also very important to establish in advance the use that you intend to make of the pouf to choose the one that best suits our needs among the many types of poufs on the market.

Smart Pouf with Storage

  • Product Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 43 cm

  • Weight: 8000 Grams

  • Warranty: 3 years warranty on the product against manufacturing defects

  • Primary Material: Fabric, Upholstery Material: Fabric

  • Color: Floral, Style: Contemporary

  • Seating Capacity: Single Seat

  • Assembly Required: The product requires basic assembly and comes with assembly instruct

  • All-sides cushioned pouf with spacious storage spaces

  • Safe for kids - no sharp or hard edges

  • Easy to remove and wash covers

  • Simple and modern design perfectly matches all interiors

Patterened Jute Pouf

  • Product Dimensions: ‏50.8x 50.8 x 35.56 cm

  • Weight : 2.27 Kg

  • 10 Days Replacement Policy

  • Upholstered in a multi- color Kilim pattern, hand woven fabric

  • Constructed using Jute, Cotton, Polystyrene Filling

  • Dense polystyrene bead filling is super supportive and holds its shape

  • Versatile square shape

  • Ideal for extra seating or as an ottoman. Fully assembled

Traditional Pouf

  • Dimension : 40 x 30 x 20 cm

  • Weight : 2.8 Kg

  • Upholstery : Handmade Printed Rug

  • Type : Hadmade rug upholstery furniture

  • Frame Material: Mango Wood

  • Colour: Blue

  • Top Material : Cotton

  • Base Type: Legs

  • Shape: Rectangular

Blue Melange Cotton Pouf

  • Dimension: 45.7 x 45.7 x 35.6 Centimeters

  • Weight: 2.27kg

  • Material: Cotton

  • Item Shape: Square

  • Colour: Patterned Blue Melange

  • HANDCRAFTED with Cotton in a Woven Blue mélange pattern

  • STURDY AND STRUCTURED using dense polystyrene bead filling that helps keep its shape and is super supportive

  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL can be used in the living room, family room, bedroom as a footstool, accent furniture or provide additional sitting

  •  Moveable but stable and not squishy

 Faux Fur Pouf

  • Dimension: 33 x 33 x 40.6 Centimeters

  • Weight: 1.4gm

  • Fabric: Faux Fur pure white

  • Colour: White

  • Legs : Mango Wood

  • Foam : 2 Inch Single piece

  • Non Slippery Floor mats 

  • Fluffy faux fur Stool can be widely used for home décor, besides bedrooms, children's rooms, adorable , shop windows, back chairs, beds, sofas, living rooms and bathrooms.

  • Hand Wash Only

Wooden Legs Pouf

  • Dimension: ‎40.64 x 40.64 x 40.64 cm

  • Weight: 3.79kg

  • Color: Multicolor

  • Material: Wood

  • Pouf with four wooden legs that provides a good stability.

  • Fabric quality and color is really good.

  • It is sturdy but light weight enough to move around.

  • you can use it as a stool, footrest, laptop table, coffee table. The uses are endless.

  • Very classy product that has upped the aesthetic appeal of my home! 

Paper Print Pouf

  • Dimension: 25.4 x 25.4 x 16.51 cm

  • Weight: 508gm

  • Material:  High quality Synthetic Leather

  •  Lightweight & Portable 

  • Zippered slipcover for easy removal

  •  Waterproof  & Machine washable slipcover

  • Functions as a chair, footstool, or side table.

  • Perfect convenient size for indoor environments.

  • This gorgeous Pouf cover will add warmth style and elegance to any room in your home.

Basket cum Pouf

Pouf with storage
  • Dimension: 56 x 43 x 56 cm

  • Weight: 10kg

  • Material: Wood

  • Colour: Brown

  • Cushion is included

  • Hand Wash only

  • Designed to complement a bed or sofa, this Ottoman is stylish and very functional.

  • This Pouf containing a basket will enliven your room with its nice design and rich color.

  • Storage and seating along with the modern design make this product look great in almost any place.

  • With included storage box this ottoman will become your favorite furniture item in the room

  •  It will enrich your living space with its classic lines and rich color

  • It is also a perfect element to complete your decor.

Organizer Box Pouf Chest Single Seat

grey pouf
  • Dimension: 30 x 30 x 30 cm

  • Weight: 1.5kg

  • Fabric-wrapped fiberboard

  • Non-woven polyester in charcoal gray

  •  Cushioned seat lid supports up to 300 lbs.

  • Solid MDF construction keeps the ottoman sturdy and stable while being lightweight. They're designed to last and are easy to move where you need it.

  • Remove dust with microfiber cloth

  • Collapsible for easy storage, great for closet storage, office supplies, desk accessories, etc

  • A better solution to keep closets, shelves, open space, and tables tidy and organized

  • Hidden storage compartment holds up to 30 lbs.

  • Easily unfolds for set-up; no tools requiredNew List Item

  • Wipe clean with soap and waterNew List Item

  • The ottoman is easy to assemble and features a flat top making it perfect for most rooms of your home, including kid's rooms, living rooms and bedrooms.

Mandala Print Pouf

  • Dimension: Size - 22" Inch ( Diameter) ,  14" Inch (Height)

  • Weight: 240 gram

  • Material: Cotton

  • Color: Black & Gold 

  • Pouf Cover has White color Pom Pom Lace.

  • This is a Screen Printed Cotton Fabric Ombre Mandala Pouf Cover In Round Shape.

  • Pouf Cover has a Zipper Closure on Bottom side & It is opening of about 20" for filling with the insert. These are made of Metallic colors. 

  • These are not washable. Neither Home wash nor dry clean.

  • These can be used as Floor Pillow / Ottoman / Pouf / Footstool etc.

  • This is an authentic style Beautiful Pouf. It can also be considered as decorative item as you can widely use it for home decoration in a very stylish way. 

  • This gorgeous pouf cover will add warmth style and elegance to any room in your home.

Different Types of Poufs

We now come to the different types of poufs on the market and their characteristics. Surely the most common poufs are:

  • Classic poufs
  • Pear or sack pouf
  • Pouf bed
  • Cushion pouf
  • Container pouf
Source: Pexels

The classic pouf is usually a low round, square or rectangular stool, whose structure is completely covered by the padding. There are classic poufs of all sizes on the market from the smallest to those in XXL format. They adapt to all styles and all rooms of the house, the fabrics, and colors chosen will make the difference.

Very original is the cube stool pouf covered with patchwork fabric. Soft and colorful, they are ideal for a children’s bedroom or a rustic-inspired living room. Even more original is the Leggero pouf,  specially designed to be used as a seat and a comfortable coffee table. Made entirely of cross-linked polyethylene, this model is very soft and indestructible. It is also easy to move as it weighs only 2.25 kg, it is ideal for decorating a contemporary living room with originality.

The beanbag pouf, also known as a pear pouf, as you can already guess from the name, has a very particular shape reminiscent of a pear, that is, wider at the bottom at the level of the seat and narrower at the tip, almost forming a backrest. Usually, these poufs are quite large and can sometimes reach the size of an armchair or even serve as a sofa.

They are ideal for adding a modern touch to the living room or bedroom. Very comfortable and ultra-soft, they are made with every type of material, from leather to plastic, from wood to wicker. In particular, concerning fabrics, the original crochet and knitting techniques are widely used

Very modern in its electric blue is the bean bag pouf. It is ideal for giving a touch of color to a modern and monochromatic living room in washable and very comfortable fabric. If you have a teenage child, it could be a welcome gift for his room. The XXL bean bag in black eco-leather with soft polystyrene pearls padding is also suitable for classic living rooms and bedrooms. Available in 8 different colors, it is washable with a sponge and soap.

The ottoman beds are the quintessence of practicality combined with aesthetics. Closed they are normal poufs, at night they can be spread out and transformed into very comfortable beds. They are ideal if you need an extra bed, but you have little space available.

They are the right solution even for small apartments as in the case of the Madrid pouf consisting of six pieces, which can be transformed into a single or double bed if necessary. When closed it takes up very little space and can be used as a seat, footrest, or coffee table.

The same goes for the Touf pouf. Closed is an elegant and comfortable multifunctional stool, but when needed, just remove the outer cover and open it to transform it into a comfortable single bed in polyurethane foam.

The cushion poufs are huge, very soft, and elegant cushions on which to lie down and roll up like cats for moments of absolute relaxation. They are ideal for the bedroom or a large living room. More pouf cushions can be used in small houses to create a relaxing corner instead of the classic living room.

For example, the multifunctional XXL pouf cushion is very practical. The cover is made of machine-washable fabric and the internal padding is made of polystyrene. The edges of the cushion are equipped with metal eyelets to fasten the two supplied belts that are used to make the pouf the desired shape.

The pouf cushion is also extra-large in size. Covered in tearproof technical fabric and padded with polystyrene spheres. Completely removable and machine washable. Available in different colors (such as red, green, orange, purple, and yellow) it is ideal for the bedroom or even for the terrace and the poolside. Very comfortable and very practical are also those with containers that allow you to store objects, cushions, plaids, etc. inside.

Usually, this type of pouf is equipped with an opening lid, which hides an internal compartment, more or less capacious. The padding is present all around the structure, but not inside. Storage poufs are ideal for keeping the house tidy. Many capacious and cheap, which can also be purchased on a limited budget, is the container pouf in white eco-leather. Excellent as a bench and as a footrest, it has a padded top and can hold up to 300 kilos.

Elegant and discreet, ideal for classic environments is the Dizzy container pouf. Covered in ecological leather with patchwork processing, it has the particularity of having a lid that turns into a comfortable tray. Finally, the poufs can also be rigid, without padding. These poufs are ideal for use as side tables, bedside tables, and footrests. Refined and particular, they are ideal for giving character and personality to the living room or bedroom.

Very modern and particular, for example, is the rigid flower-shaped pouf. This pouf is ideal for use as a seat, covered in colored, pink, blue, or fuchsia eco-leather, with a high-density polyurethane foam structure. both as a coffee table.

On the other hand, the cylindrical pouf in rigid polyurethane foam is more classic in shape. Covered in eco-leather, it is completely removable thanks to the zipper on the bottom and is available in different colors. Excellent as a footrest, coffee table, and chair. Also ideal outside, in the garden, is the giant inflatable pouf, or the one woven in rattan, in white, gray, silver, or brown.

Summary & Conclusion

Looking for the best Pouf we believe the Consumption Winner is a good recommendation that you should take into consideration when comparing products. In particular, due to a large number of products and manufacturers, we recommend reading various reviews before purchasing.

In addition to the consumer test ratings, reviews from other magazines are available (such as Consumption). If you find several reviews, it makes sense to compare the respective best Pouf by conducting practical tests.

Regarding the published rankings, the year of publication should always be taken into account (relevance of the current word). If you work with old Pouf rankings, you may not find the best product due to outdated information. Therefore, our final tip: Always look for information on the current year’s test winner, at best, in combination with a detailed review.

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