Small Guide to Bedside Decor

Small Guide to Bedside Decor

Hey, homies! here we are! with the small guide to bedside decor. If you are looking up to decorate your home your way, you’ve come to the right platform. We try to make things simple, attractive, and easy. Our efforts are to make things look best at your place. The bedroom is a space where you make yourself comfortable.  So, try making your bedroom comfy and cozy. Here we have tried five different bedside decor arrangements to make your bedroom look beautiful.  So let’s get started for your bedroom corners.

1.Floor Lamps



Bedside decor is fun and very easy to do. Now go into your bedroom and analyze the space on each side of your bed. Once you do that you will be able to decide what fits in best at that place. If you’ve very little space, you could try adding a floor lamp (a lamp with a long pole) on one side of the bed. This would give a warm look to your bedroom. Accessorising is the quick and easiest way to enhance the way your room looks. You could find plenty of floor lamps online. You need not go with an expensive lamp; any simple floor lamp with a good shade would suffice the need.

There are different types of lamps available such as:

Torchiere: A torch-like lamp, facing upwards could be a good choice. Torchiere would be best if you are looking for something that occupies very little space. These lamps add a soft touch to your room. These lamps are dimmer as compared to others.

Down-bridge floor lamp: Down-bridge lamps are downward-facing lamps on a pole. These lamps are good for focusing light in one place. These lamps are useful in reading on your bed, for directing light on your table, can be placed on one side of an armchair. These are highly recommended from our side.

Adjustable Club Floor Lamp: These lamps are simple pole lamps with adjustable height. You can change the shade according to the color scheme of your room. You can use it for enhancing the light of your space. These lamps are very popular and widely used. They will go best in your bedroom.


2. Bedside Table



If you have enough space to fit a small bedside table, then read further to figure out for bedside tables. A bedside table will make your room more furnished hence giving it a rich look. There are different sorts of bedside tables available out there with a vast variety of designs to offer. You can choose any bedside table that fits well in your space. Just keep in mind not to fill the available space. If you occupy the whole remaining space beside your bed, it will make things look congested. Be wise to buy a table that enhances the space instead of making it compact.

You should first think about the color of the table that would go with your room. If you have neutral color walls such as creamy white, off-white, mocha, cream, etc. you can go with wooden furniture of honey or amber color. If you have shades of a grey wall, you can go for weathered furniture or white-colored furniture. Shades of green, red, dark blue will support all kinds of wooden furniture.

If you already have existing furniture in your room, then go with their color. Always try matching your new furniture with the old one. This will give a well orderly look to your room. You can decorate the tabletop. Use accessories of varying heights to make it impressive. You can keep a small stack of novels, a table lamp, a vase with flowers, or a photo frame. Take a look at the attached image for reference to how one can accessorize the bedside table.


3.Wooden Stools


Stool plays a good role in bedside decor. Stools have generally served the purpose of sitting. But wait! That’s not it. When it comes to creativity you can always try some crazy stuff. Yeah, you got it right. You may use stools for decorating space. As I said earlier, we are searching for something that suits best your space. Just try these couple of things whichever you like. Small wooden stools would be a good option if you are looking towards a cheaper solution. Choose a stool that is not much tall. It should match the height of the bed. You can always keep a flower pot and your other kinds of stuff like a phone and a book on it. Stools with small widths would be great in such a space.

The Colour of the wood should be adhering to the rest of the room. Try matching it with your bed color. Stools can add both traditional as well as modern look to your room. It depends on how you accessorize it.





If your current room is boring to you then I would suggest you add colors to your room. You can do so by bringing in some plants. You can place these plants on both or either side of your bed. Make sure that the plant pot is big and occupies some space so that it behaves as an attraction to your room. Choose a plant with long leaves which will add height to your plant if you chose to keep it on the floor. Artificial plants can also be used as there are a wide variety of such plants available and have low maintenance.

If you have a busy life and can’t take care of a plant, then go for the artificial plant. It’s hard to figure out the difference between a real and an artificial plant by just looking at it. I would suggest going for artificial plants as living plants release carbon dioxide at night. However, some plants can be used in the room as not all release carbon dioxide in a huge amount that could harm you. Here is the list of plants that would be safe in the bedroom.

If you are a greenery lover and want to go for a real plant then here are some suggestions:

  • Snake Plant: Snake plant does not release carbon dioxide. It cleans the air and toxins present in the air. It also helps to fight allergies and sick building syndrome.
  • Spider Plant: Spider plants can be an option. Spider plants filter formaldehyde from the air.
  • Aloe Vera: This plant releases oxygen day and night. This is a good choice for indoors.


5.Mix up the accessories



If you have a large room space then you can mix up the décor items. You can try a combination of the above-depicted accessories on the sides of the bed. Try a combination of plant and floor lamps or you can try a bedside table and lamp. Try things out that suit you best at your place. Just analyze the space available around the bed and try accordingly. We aim to not just suggest things but what things will brighten up your space.

Adding both plants and lamps will give a fresh luminous look to the room. Placing the stool or a table with them will make it easy for you to keep your stuff beside the bed. It becomes handy for you to get your kinds of stuff like a phone, book, or a cup of coffee when you want to enjoy your lazy day.

Also, keep in mind the colors of your room and furniture. It is always good to google the color combinations and set the mood of the room. Hope we could help you with decor. Have a look at our other articles for other suggestions.

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