Lights are a practical and indispensable element, so it is normal to find them in all rooms of the house. But depending on the size of your space, the area to be illuminated, and the atmosphere you want to create, you will need to choose a suitable lamp. Don’t panic this article will help you highlight your dining room.

hanging lights for home
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What kind of light for a dining room?

Brightness is a central part of the habitat. It defines the atmosphere and quality of life because a dark space remains unpleasant. It is up to you to opt for lighting that matches your tastes. To meet the trends of contemporary  The s bright colored beast hanging from the ceiling is very fashionable. For an ethnic touch, opt for rope or rattan. Fans of the industrial style prefer black metal. In the same spirit, the vintage-style filament bulb pendant spreads a chic bistro atmosphere.

The baroque style chandelier seduces lovers of classicism. Above the table, a pendant lamp with geometric patterns that mimic the gilding is reminiscent of the Art Deco style returning to fashion this year. The glass chandelier, transparent or copper-colored, pearly, also in bottle green or bright red, is increasingly visible in the catalogs. The nature-inspired design lights also have the wind behind, like the floating wooden chandelier.

Once you’ve defined a specific style, consider practicality. It is time to choose the most suitable light source according to the decor of the room.  A dining room bathed in beautiful natural light thanks to large windows will not have the same needs. So let’s focus on evening lighting. On the other hand, a dark room will be lit throughout the day: the lamps will have to diffuse a soft glow, reminding of the sunlight.

Pendant light

The size of the room is important. A single chandelier in a large hall will look ridiculous, for example. A chandelier should measure about 1/12 of the length of the room on average. Note that the lights do not all have the same function. For the main lighting, you need a practical light device, but not out of tune.

A  designer chandelier will illuminate a dining table. For a square table, favor linear lighting, such as recessed spotlights in line. For a long rectangular table or a  dining area around an island or at a bar, choose a slender light, or even a series of different individual lights that will illuminate the space in a uniform way. For a round table, the ceiling light is a solution. Another trendy solution is the directional arched floor lamp, addressed directly to the dining area.

Distribute light for a well-lit dining room

The dining room is a specific room, both a place for relaxation and meeting, but which requires sufficient lighting, more powerful than the living room for example. To create a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere, it is essential to diffuse a balanced light, neither too dazzling nor too dim. The trick is to play on different light sources. The ideal association is to combine general lighting, such as a designer chandelier placed above the dining table. But the light doesn’t have to focus only on the table.
 It is important to optimize the space around the table so that it does not appear monotonous. For a harmonious rendering, remember to illuminate the furniture around it, from the small cabinet to the buffet or even above the fireplace, thanks to a  table lamp, but also a  very fashionable ball-light garland. 
A  tripod lamp placed near the table will be able to diffuse an ambient light thanks to an off-white lampshade. A  wall lamp allows you to diffuse a delicate light. The idea is to vary the intensities. To maintain harmony, all lamps do not have to be in the same material but must be an intelligent association, such as metal and glass for example.

Black Beige Rope Style Lights

  • Dimension: 30 x 10 x 15 Cm (L*W*H)

  • Weight: 900gm

  • Material: Metal & Hem Rope

  • Color : Black & Beige

  • Five LED Bulbs are Included with Fixture Height: 31.50 inch (80 cm). Fixture Width: 30.31 inch (77 cm)

  • Monopoint Switch for installation

  • The pendant light design is a mix of current fashion and Vintage industrial style to complement your room’s decor.

  • Perfect for general indoor areas which including Dining room, Living Room, Kitchen, Corridor, Bedroom, and Reading Room. You can choose where it is installed according to your actual needs.

Modern Glass Globe Hanging Light

  •  Dimensions: 24 x 60 x 24 Cm( LxWxH)

  • Weight: 5Kg 

  • Material: Metal & Glass

  • 10 Lights Linear Cluster 

  • Color: Tranparent 

  • Bulbs not included

  • Supports 60 Watts

  • Rustic farmhouse bamboo chandelier, the aged feeling makes it attractive for your home decoration.

  • This Pendant Light is an ideal fixture for providing warmth and welcoming to your kitchen, living room

Cone Shade Cluster Hanging Light

  • Dimension: 42 x 20 x 10 Cm ( L*W*H)

  • Weight: 3.7Kg

  • Material: Metal

  • Color: Antique Copper

  • Filament Bulbs are included and it supports 60Watts

  • Illuminate your dining room or living room with this striking cluster pendant features three graduated Cone Shade Shaped lights suspended from a rectangle plate on white-finished rods artfully displayed at different heights

  •  Best suited for Dining Room, Bedroom, Living Room, Study Room, Aisle, & Corridor

Firefly Hanging Lamp

  •  Dimensions: Fixture Width: 28.35", Canopy diameter: 5.7"

  • Weight: 3.92Kg

  • Material: Glass

  • Color: Warm White

  • 36 pcs LED Bulbs are Included

  • This Contemparary Style Lamp is perfect for your home.

  • It can decorate and light up the kitchen, dining room, foyer, or anywhere else in your home and it will make you feel more relaxed and enjoyable.

Pendant Style Hanging Stone Lights

  • Dimension:  â€Ž7.62 x 7.62 x 25.4 cm(L*W*H)

  • Weight: 1Kg

  • Material: Marble Stone

  • Color: Marble White

  • The LED Bulb is Included.

  • The stone(marble) lamp was mined, carved and finished by hand to ensure the highest level of quality. Stone add unique ambiance and remarkable presence to any room.

  • Enhance your home decor with this amazing white marble cylindrical lamp. This pendant lamp gives perfect amount of soft light creating a warm ambiance.

  • Once this hand-crafted hanging lamp lit you can see the beautiful veining of the translucent of the stone. Absolute feature the minimalist elegance.

Bamboo Rope Cord Light

  • Dimension: 60 x 10 x 10 Cm (L*W*H)

  • Weight: ‎1.4Kg

  • Material: Bamboo Wood

  • Color: Brown

  • LED Blubs are not included & Sipports 220 Volts

  •  Rustic farmhouse bamboo chandelier, aged feeling makes it attractive for your home decoration.

  • This Pendant Light is an ideal fixture for providing warmth and welcoming to your kitchen,living room

Make your dining table stand out with adequate light

The dining room table is central. There are many ways to make it stand out, depending on the vibe you are looking for. You can choose to illuminate only the center of the table by bringing the lights closer. Keep in mind that for optimal comfort, the light should be about 90 centimeters. Too high, the chandelier would offer poor light quality: too low, it could hinder guests. Another possibility is to associate several lamps aligned or arranged in groups for a graphic result and a diffused light.
Finally, be careful to choose the right bulb, respecting the maximum power indicated. The slightly intense fluorescent bulb is recommended as a light base. It is recommended to choose for a relaxing atmosphere between 3000 and 4000 kelvins, in other words, a warm white. If white light can create a very modern or even futuristic style, too pale a color could denote a cold vibe.

How to choose the right dining table chandelier?

Hanging lights for dining room
Source: Pexels

Correctly illuminating the room and the dining table is very important because the light spreads over a very intimate and warm moment, such as having dinner all together, and for this, it must be an aspect to be taken care of in an optimal way.

Another goal that must be achieved is to adequately display the dishes that will be offered to diners, enhancing them and highlighting their flavor even before bringing them to the mouth.

Here are some tips for choosing the chandelier for the dining table.

For a round table or one that is not too long, it is advisable to use a suspension lamp placed in the center of the same table, in this way everything that is placed on it lights up with an optimal yield.

The ideal is to place the light point at a distance of about 70 cm at most from the tabletop, to avoid casting annoying shadows on the dishes. In fact, the light must be directed in such a way as to produce very dark and well-defined shadows, which will make the dishes stand out even more “ in the spotlight ”.

For this purpose, “ traditional ” chandeliers or even so-called “up and down” solutions can be used.

If the dining table is too long and therefore a single suspension chandelier is not enough to illuminate it all optimally, there are two tips: either multiply the number of chandeliers or rely on a solution that adopts suspended spotlights or tracks. with halogen lamps. These are systems of great visual impact and that furnish the dining room incredibly.

For those who opt for this kind of solution, the advice is simple: avoid that the light dazzles those who are seated around the table. So it is necessary to remember that the light must be indirect, it must be able to illuminate the table optimally, avoiding, however, annoying people with too strong or blinding lights.

Hanging lamp for dining room
Source: Pexels

The important thing is to choose the chandelier for the dining table pursuing two objectives: functionality and style. The first has already been extensively illustrated, as far as the second is concerned, it is easy to say: make sure that the design object you choose marries in the best way with the decorative style of your home.

You need to remember that the chandelier should reflect your personal taste and match the rest of the decor. You can choose undemanding solutions for a slightly more casual dining area, perhaps with a fabric hood that projects the light beam directly onto the table, without spreading it too much throughout the room.

When furnishing a kitchen or dining room, enough attention is never paid to the importance of table lighting. In fact, the dining table must be properly lit and in line with the rest of the furnishing accessories in the room to create the right atmosphere and bring to view everything that is placed on the table at any time of the day.

As with any piece of furniture you have to choose the solution that goes against your personal tastes, style of the rest of the room, and functionality, as mentioned above. In fact, interior lighting has acquired greater importance over time, also affecting the emotional sphere of those who have to furnish their home environments.

The importance of the right chandelier

Whether they are for tables, floors, or walls, the lamps can create the right atmosphere and enhance every moment in the home to convey warmth and hospitality. Especially in spaces such as the kitchen and the dining room, where you spend a lot of time in the company and enjoy moments of joy and happiness.


To make the stay in the room even more pleasant, the lighting of the same must be studied with care, paying the main attention to the chandelier. It must be both functional and design to add value to the entire environment and avoid creating unpleasant plays of shadow.

According to your tastes and the style adopted in the furnishing of the room, you can opt for a rustic suspension chandelier such as the one from the Alessandria collection of Ferroluce Classic decorated by hand, also present in two and three lights rocker arm according to the width of the table.

If, on the other hand, you prefer a vintage retro style, you can place the pendant lamp in amber or mirrored glass from the Bowl line by Perez on the dining table, proposed in the photo and also perfect for modern and contemporary settings.

On the other hand, to give an industrial style to the environment, always paying attention to design, the Lori line by Giba lighting is optimal, which in addition to illuminating the dining table and the affected area of ​​the room, also provides for expressing a characteristic design, adding value to the furniture. as a whole.

A single product that encompasses design and functionality is distinctive and of great impact in the furnishing of domestic spaces, even more so when it comes to convivial spaces such as the living area and the dining room where you spend time in the company.

Discover all our chandeliers for the dining table!

Vintage Bird Hanging Lamp

  • Dimensions: 5.1 x 20.3 x 25.4 Cm (LxWxH)

  • Weight: 1.6Kg

  • Material: Iron

  • Color: Silver

  • ‎CFL, Incandescent, LED types of bulbs can be used with a max voltage of 40 Watts. *Bulbs not included.

  • Creative design is crafted with a multitude of craftsmanship, The texture is strong and natural

  • This Vintage style hanging light gives a beautiful look to your living room, book room, kitchen, staircase, entryway, hall, dining room, bed room.

Circular Pendant Lights

  • Dimension: 20.1 x 12.2 x 41.9 Cm(L*W*H)

  • Weight: 600gm

  • Material: Glass & Metal

  • Color: Golden Yellow

  • ‎Incandescent type of bulbs is used with a voltage of 40 Watts. *Bulbs not included in the package.

  • Designed perfectly to show a timeless style and contemporary charm to any space. The one-light mini-pendant frosted glass shade and gold finish add retro style.

  • Simple but elegant and natural. Golden Metal surface making the emitting light softer and warmer.

Antique Rope Hanging Lamp

  • Dimension: â€Ž29 x 20 x 7 cm (L*W*H)

  • Weight: 900gm

  • Material: Metal & Rope

  • Color: Black

  • Best for Filament bulb and supports voltage of 6o Watts. *Bulbs not included.

  • It can be used on a sloped ceiling to create a wonderful look.

  • An Antique styled hanging lamp best for the dining room, living room, balcony etc. It will add warmth to the space it is installed.

Cycle Shaped Pendant Light

  • Dimension: 26 x 26 x 36 Cm (L*W*H)

  • Metallic color

  • Material: Metal

  • LED Bulbs are used with Voltage of 7 Watts. *Bulbs not included

  • The hanging light comes with a string, the height can be adjusted as per requirement & It is easy to install.

  • This Modern Style Hanging light is perfect for brightening up your dining room, living room, Hall.

Multicolor Bottle Shaped Pendant lights

  • Dimension: â€Ž24 x 24 x 17 cm (L*W*H)

  • Weight: 800gm

  • Material: Glass 

    Color: Multicolor

  • Incandescent & LED Bulbs can be used & supports 60 Watts. *Bulbs not included

    It gives a modern touch to space. These Multicolor Bottle-shaped Pendant lights are perfect for your dining room and Balcony. You can also hang them in your garden. 

 Classic Copper Hammered Pendant Hanging Light

  • Dimension: 26 x 26 x 13cm (L*W*H)

  • Weight: 750gm

  • Material:Metal

  • Color: Copper

  • LED Bulb can be fixed & supports 40Watts *Bulb included

  • This Vintage Hanging light gives a Retro look to your space.

  • Metal surafce is hand hammered to give it classic shape, and is antique copper coated to give it an industrial feel.

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