10 cute planters for indoor and outdoor decoration

“Plants make people happy”

“There are no decoring mistakes, only experiments”. Yes!! You read it right. keep experimenting with indoor and outdoor spaces. When it comes to decorating the home space, the first thing that comes to mind is cute little planters with beautiful plants. You can put these little planters in your living hall or study room to give your room a touch of nature. Similarly, you can put these cute little pots in your garden and transform your garden into an adorable retreat. Adding small things like these little cute planters would give life to space.
Whether you are hunting for the little planters for your indoor space or for decorating the outdoor gardens, you sure have landed at the right place.
Here we have rounded up different Kinds of Planters for your home-

1.Blushing Cat Planter


If you are a cat lover, then this planter is surely for you. This cute little planter brings a smile to your face and your home. It has a ceramic base. This adorable planter comes with an artificial plant, which makes it perfect for indoor décor.  You can place it on your TV cabinet, besides your bed, on a coffee table to adorn your living space. Its perfect size allows you to perfectly fit any area you want.

This little planter is suited both for indoor and outdoor space. It’s a great way to spruce up your space with a splash of color and brightness.




2. Blinking Deer Planter


This blinking deer planter is perfect for gardening lovers. This funny planter would be a unique piece to your shelves, tableside, balcony, office desk, or dining tables. It adds attraction to your space. It is great for mini succulents and cacti or any other small plants. There are a drainage hole and stopper at the bottom that allows proper water flow. It does no comes with an artificial plant and it is made up of resin. Resin pots are good are breathable and good for your plants. This sitting deer planter is a perfect stylish gift for friends, colleagues, and family.     Buy



3.Chubby Panda Planter

Panda Planter

This lovable panda eyes planter is best to adorn your desks. It’s a wonderful addition to your home space. It also makes a warm gift for panda lovers.

This planter has a ceramic base and it comes with an artificial plant. You can also use this planter as a decorative item by removing this plant or it can also be used as a pen holder.  Just bring this lovable planter and spark your space with it.




4.Smiling Pig Planter

pig planter

This smiling pig planter is best for both indoor and outdoor garden décor. This Beautiful pink-colored small planter will surely bring a smile to your face. It is made of tough polyresin and is perfect to keep on your desk or in your garden or balcony. This does not include an artificial plant as shown in the image. This one is perfect for gifting.




5.Tortoise planter

Tortoise planter

 This green and brown colored tortoise planter is a unique pot to keep in your home. The soft brightening Brown color on the outer makes the set look elegant when decorated tastefully.

It’s a very charming planter for indoor plants, outdoor, succulent pots, bonsai plants, garden, home, office, balcony, living room, garden. These can be put on shelves or on your side table.

It is a made-in-India product. It’s a ceramic handmade planter made from good-quality clay to ensure durability and longevity. The length of the planter is 19.5cm and weighs 500gm. This planter comes with a “water drainage hole” that allows water to flow through the soil so live plants stay happy and healthy. An eco-friendly gift Item for any nature or gardening enthusiast.




6.Jointed Hand Planter


It is a whole new different style planter.  This attractive piece looks great when displayed in your home balcony, tabletop, window sills, kitchen garden, and office desk, and anywhere as a decor.

It’s a Make-in-India product. The length of the planter is 18cm. It is made up of good-quality clay for durability and longevity. This hand planter has a drainage hole at the bottom that protects your plant from overwatering. It is ideal for herbs, succulent, indoor, and outdoor plants both real and artificial.    Buy



7.A Couple Planter

This couple planter will be the center of attraction at home. This one is a gold color planter. It has given a touch of wood, which makes it best to pair it with your furniture. You can use it as a showpiece for table Decor or Home Décor.


It is a Make-in-India product. The length of the product is 15cm. It’s a ceramic planter made up of good-quality clay to ensure durability. It will suit well in the Indian climate. This planter has a drainage hole at the bottom that protects your plant from overwatering. Plants are not provided with the planter. Suitable gift for your loved ones and couples.Buy


8.Red Watermelon Planter




This red watermelon planter is best for making a contrast combination. Plant some green plants in it and this will bring a slice of refreshment and a splash of soothing colors.  It suits well in places like on the top of a dining table and in your kitchen garden. This item will make the heads turn for sure.

This planter is cheap and is very attractive. It is a unique planter with an attractive shape and color. the length of the planter is 15cm and has a hole at the bottom for excess water drainage. It is a ceramic pot and does not comes with an artificial plant. Buy


9. Blue Elephant planter

This funny decorative blue elephant planter is the cutest of all planters. It is perfect for decoration for home, garden, office, or front porch. It has a hole on the bottom, which makes it easy for plants to breathe. Artificial plants can also be used with it and can make the home and office decoration look unique. The best thing about this planter is that you can use it as a pen or cardholder. It makes your space look beautiful and tidy. It is also a great gift for your friends who love animals and love planting.Buy


10. Thinking girl Planter


Thinking girl planter with the money plant is the best choice to bring into your house and office. Money plants are always preferred for decorative purposes. In case you want to change the plant, it’s very easy to do. It is an amazingly cute planter for indoor as well as outdoor. This girl planter is perfect to decorate your small spaces.

Make the world a better place by gifting plants. The best eco-friendly gift for your friends and colleagues.




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