Ceiling decoration Ideas

“Ceilings are meant to be decorated”

Hey, Homies! Are you searching for interesting ceiling decoration ideas? The ceiling is the most important wall in your room. Calling it the heart of the room won’t be wrong. Many people don’t give importance to the fifth wall of their homes. They left the ceiling plain and dull. You just cannot overlook your ceiling. ceiling decoration makes your room look special.

Ceilings can be the most attractive point in your house. While remodeling your house, give full attention to ceiling decoration. It will give a complete look to your house.  The best part of ceiling decoration is you can decorate the ceiling anytime you want, as you don’t need to remodel the whole room.

Ceiling decoration is easy and fun. Numerous ceiling decoration ideas do not require extra effort and are budget-friendly too.  You can choose the ceiling designs as per the theme of your room.  You can pick the ceiling decoration idea from anywhere and match it with the theme of your room. The best part of ceiling decoration is it does not kill much of your time and you can yourself try some patterns or you can call professionals to do it for you.

Before carrying out the decoration make sure what exactly you want, or else it would be very messy for you to complete the task. Carry out the ceiling decoration with total concentration and sophistication, as it requires the artist within you with full focus and attention.

We have come up with some fabulous ceiling decoration ideas.  Transform your dull ceilings into interesting ones, so that you can stare at them even more.

Here we are to help you with that ceiling of your room. So stick to the article and let’s get started.


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1. Ceiling Lights :

Would you like it if your room is dim and dull? Definitely not! The main purpose of the ceiling is to properly illuminate the whole room. Obviously, you already have some lights on, but let’s think of giving the room a new look. So forget about all the existing lights.

Bring in some LED ceiling lights. It is available in various shapes and light intensities. Circular led lights are the most commonly used lights. Square and rectangular-shaped led lights can also be used to give a classic and expensive look to the room. Small tube light-shaped led ceiling lights are going trendy. You can choose any of them. We suggest square-shaped LED gives a more classic look than regular circular ones.

Now the next question is how to arrange these lights. You can go with lights running along with the corners of the ceiling or you can make a rectangular pattern in the center and one in each corner. It depends on how you are trying to spread light.

Moreover, if your room is already illuminated and you are not thinking of changing the main source of light then you can go with some pattern-forming lights.

The purpose here is not just to make a statement for your room, but also to choose a proper light that is appropriate for reading, relaxing, and sleeping.

2.POP designs:

POP designs immediately boost up the appearance of your space.  These types of ceilings give a 3-D look to your room. You can take the advice on interior architecture. The only problem with this is that you need to get it done by a professional, requiring some time.

Here are some suggestions from us:

  • Leaf structure
  • Concentric circles or squares
  • Embedded squares
  • geometrical lines
  • Crescent moon
  • 3D stars
  • Combination of different geometric figures
  • Diamond shapes

3.Texture Painting:

Texture Painting can be an option for the ceiling. Some texture prints on any wall never fail. Choose a texture and color combination. That won’t be hard.

Some of the commonly painted textures are comb texture, popcorn texture, orange peel, sand swirl, and slap brush.

Comb Pattern: This can be used to decorate your ceiling. This is used to make a line pattern on a wall or ceiling. This imparts a subtle look to your ceiling.

Brick pattern: You can try painting a brick pattern on your ceilings by dipping a sponge or a blackboard duster into a color of your choice. Use painter’s tape to draw a check pattern on the ceiling to give a smooth finish and paint the whole surface.

Leaf texture: Paint a leaf onto the ceilings by choosing the leaf of your choice. we suggest maple leaf would look good on the ceiling.

Orange peel pattern: You can try this texture on your ceiling to give a rough 3d look. To give this look mix the orange peel with the primer and spread it all over the ceiling using the spray gun.

4.Charming Chandeliers:

Chandeliers are the best way to bring in all the charm. They are the mode of creating a statement in any room. Chandeliers can be installed in any room. It’s mainly installed in the living room and dining area and installed in bedrooms. Chandeliers include multiple hanging lights in one crystal hanging.

Candle-style chandeliers are the basic classic style chandelier that is being used for a long time. They will smoothly give a warm look to your area. Others include drum style and shaded chandeliers.

The most famous ones are the crystal chandeliers. They set a very romantic mood.

The choice is yours. You can set any mood according to your interest.

5.Hanging Highlights:

Who doesn’t like their personal and professional spaces to be filled with light and warmth? Lighting is a great way to call attention to the ceiling. Weak light dulls your mood. Get your room well lighted up by using the pendant lights. Choose the right place for lightings as it enhances the ambiance of your room.  You can always choose some long-hanging pendants. They are available in a wide range. They give a pleasing effect to the place. This is a must-try hack for your ceiling. Moreover, you can use some tungsten bulbs and fixtures to enhance the look.


 Wallpapers are the easiest way to decorate the plain surface ceiling.  Use wallpapers in case you suddenly want to enhance the look of the room.  Wallpapers are one of the best ways to hide the flaws of the ceiling. They are available in different colors and designs. Choose as per your interest. Don’t choose a patterned one if you have some POP designs on it. As it can give the best look only on a plain surface. Make sure you don’t choose too many patterns as you do in the case of sidewalls. This is the ceiling we are talking about. Minimal is the best. More patterns can ruin the whole look of the room.

7.Paint it:

Ceiling decoration is fun if there is an artist inside you. It will give people a reason to praise your work. You can choose different colors and patterns to paint your ceilings. Try experimenting with different colors and themes to make your ceiling look attractive. Or, you can ask an artist to make beautiful art on the ceiling. This can be abstract art or graffiti. Also, minimal geometrical shapes such as diagonals and lines can be drawn artistically to enhance the look. Painting the ceiling is not a very difficult task if you are going to paint the whole room. But, if you are painting the ceiling only then, you need to be more careful to avoid the paint on the other walls. Also, you need to cover the floor with a dustsheet.


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