Incredibly Useful HOLI DECORATION Ideas for your Home- 2021


Quick Festive Home Decoration



Home decor is the first thing that comes to mind when the festival arrives. Home decor is fun to do at festivals. On the occasion of the Holi festival, people like to decorate their homes.  Holi is a festival of colors and love. Surely you will love to decorate your home with colors. When colors are used for decoration it brings a lot of positivity to the house. Apart from this, the colorful decorations add positivity to the atmosphere of the whole house. House, when decorated with colors, looks magnificent.

Friends, we can decorate our home according to every festival. We don’t need to decorate the house only when it is a festival, but yes there is something special at festivals.  It is not a big deal to do Holi decoration. For festivals like Holi and Diwali, decorating our home is a very interesting task. We only have to choose the decoration items keeping the festival in mind. For example, Diwali is a festival of lights so we buy candles, diyas, lights, etc. to decorate our house. Similarly, Holi is a festival of colors, so when we decorate our house, decorate it using colorful items. Pay special attention to the selection of colors.

Some people like to play Holi with colors and by cooking dishes at home. But along with playing Holi, the house decor is also very important. Here are some incredibly useful ideas for a different and special Holi decoration, which will make your home look admirable. Home decor becomes easy with these simple methods. 

What is the reason behind decorating the home on holi? well, the reason for this is the atmosphere, the aura, or the styling, because of which we always remember that place. So what should we do in our house that our house should be stylish?

The festival of holi comes once a year. Don’t leave any corner unturned. You can also make Holi decorations remarkable by having colorful paint at home. By doing this, the walls will not look bad even if the colors of Holi are on the walls. Apart from this, you can also decorate the Holi by applying colorful wallpapers to the wall.

For Holi Decoration, use colorful curtains in the house. Make your living room noteworthy by putting colorful curtains in the house. If you want, you can make curtains with decorative dupattas and decorate them. These transparent dupattas will look outstanding and give your guests a festive look.

You can use color lights, paper, flowers, and furniture to decorate the living room on Holi.

Make the decorations special by decorating colorful flowers at home. Colorful flowers will also make your home smell sweet.  Draw rangoli at the entrance. Use holi colors for making rangoli. 

The areas outside the house should also be colorful for the Holi party. Decorate the trees and plants with paper fans. Make use of balloons for outdoor decoration. You can also use holi banners, paper flowers, and umbrellas to make the outdoor decorations look picturesque.

On Holi, you can also put Hanging Bottles or Hanging pots. You put colorful flowers in bottles and hang them in the garden area. Apart from this, you can also put colorful kites in the garden of the house and make up a good holi theme. If not kites, go for the paper lanterns.

For indoor decoration, you can use colorful cushions and bedsheets for extra special home decor. You can also put colorful cushions on the furniture of the living room.

For the  Holi decoration, smart ideas are needed, not a big budget. Party decoration can be done in a very small amount of money. No fancy amount is needed to decorate the home.

By doing this, your house will feel absolutely party-ready and give Holi celebrations a feel.

You will find the many holi decoration ideas but believe your search will end here. In this article, we have collected the best ways that are simple and budget-friendly. 

So let’s know some unique holi decoration ideas.

Place colorful Cushions

Mostly we have neutral color cushions in our living room. But as it is a festival of colors, we must bring in some vibrant colors to the room.  Colorful cushions are best to bring cheerfulness to the living room. Multicolor cushions are in trend. Irrespective of your sofa color, you can place these multicolor cushions. These cushions will amplify the look of the room.  Cushions bring instant transformation to home decor. 

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Playful Curtains





You can put colorful curtains in the house for Holi Decoration. You can make it a special part of Holi Decoration by putting colorful curtains in the house. If you want, you can make curtains with decorative dupattas and decorate them. If you want something new,  then fill the crystal bowl with water, add rose petals, or marigold and keep it on the center table. The aroma of flowers will fill your room with a lovely fragrance.

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Rainbow Rug



Brightly decorating the living room for Holi seems a bit more attractive.  For this, you do not need to change the furniture, but you can simply do it by placing a rainbow rug on the floor. This multi-color rug will give a magical transformation to the room. 

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 Floral Look



Bedroom decor is an important part of home decor. Holi is the time to give a bright makeover to your bedroom. This Floral comforter with a pink bedsheet gives an energetic feel in the morning.  This look is perfect for spring. It gives a very subtle look to the room. Apart from this, You can put planters and colorful wall hangings. They will enhance the look of the bedroom.

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Colorful Table Runner



Now it is the turn for the dining space. This space must be arranged well as all the sweets and festive dishes are going to be kept there while celebrating holi.  Don’t panic, you do not need to brainstorm for dining room decor. Adding a beautiful table runner will do the work. It will add style to the dining table and will improve the look of the dining space. Holi decoration is fun to do. Buy this colorful table runner and save hours of planning.

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Attractive Dream Catcher



Dream catchers are the best to decorate the bare wall.  They are great artwork and are eye-catching. For holi decoration where you wish to fill your home with colors, multicolor dreamcatchers are the best options.

There are several other options for wall hangings are available that can enhance the room decor.  You can choose from them and place them as per your interest and the space available.  

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Wall Stickers



Kids’ room decoration is a very hectic job. It needs to be planned well. You can not use too many items on the floor nor you can use fragile things. The best thing to do is stick the wall stickers. Only stickers will do the whole decor. The room will look cheerful and per the festival mood. kids always like to be surrounded by colors.  So without any second thought go for these colorful wall stickers for the holi decoration as there can not be a better and easy for your kid’s room decor.

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Ethnic Vase



Never forget to spice up your entrance. The area outside your house should also be colorful Bring an ethnic vase for the holi decoration. Fill the empty entrance of your home. Unlike, neutral color vases, choose bright colorful pots for holi decoration. This vase gives a touch of tradition. This big vase is an eye-catching piece. Place it empty, or if you like then put some flower sticks into it. Flower brings fragrance along with freshness. 

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Flowers and Freshness

Decorate the archway with flowers. Flowers have divine importance in Indian culture. They freshen up your mood. You can also make these garlands at home. They are easy to make. Marigold garlands do not wither in a day so you can make them a day before the festive eve. You can also use artificial garlands or torans for home decor. Colorful flowers make your home smell good.

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 Vivid Rangoli

Rangoli is not just an artistic or decorative item. It has great importance in Indian culture. Rangolis are made at every festival. The Rangoli looks beautiful and the beautiful colors of rangoli bring happiness and prosperity to the house. People make Rangolis with colors as well as with flowers.  You can draw Rangoli at entrances and patio. It gives your guests a touch of vividness.

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Umbrella Decoration

Do not forget to decorate your lawn and terrace.  Holi is a festival that is played outside the house. Either in the lawn or the garden. Decorate the garden area with umbrellas. The umbrella theme is very attractive as the umbrella is connected to rain. And in holi people splashes water over one another. So it looks very colorful and cheerful to use an umbrella for outdoor holi decoration.

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Holi Banners and Props


While decorating the outdoor area never forget to hang holi banners. They give you the full festive feel. As we all know pandemic is still going, so keeping it in mind you can have a small party at your place. For this, you can easily decorate yourself using this beautiful banner. They are easy to hang over the ceiling, hallway, window, tree branches, and archway. Who does not want to capture a great Holi celebration Instagram picture ?? Buy this… click and post !!! You are just one step away.         Check Price



Holi Colors


Never miss the colors. Colors are the life of the holi party. Decorate the colors in a platter or the bowls. It looks funky and attractive. Remember choosing the organic colors only. They are easy on your skin. 


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Holi decoration is fun to do. But keep in mind do not overdo the decoration. Try to minimally use the color or else it will look pompous. Just try bringing in two or three things to fill the vibrance in your home. Do not overplay with colors, as it will look tacky. Pick the best Holi decoration ideas and start decorating your home right now.

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