Budget Friendly Dining Area Ideas- 2021

This is how you make style – Create a layered industrial spirit in the dining area

Take advantage of contrasts to create a personalized interior. Create a layered style in the dining area by combining screws, recycled industrial-inspired furniture with new furniture.



The birth of a style

The industrial interior is based on materials and elements used in old warehouses and factory buildings. The industrial style is rooted in the industrial revolution that emerged at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. The new factories needed durable and quick-to-manufacture furniture such as chairs and shelves. Large windows brought light to the workers. These solutions, dictated by practicality in factories, became the desired interior design style in the early 2000s, first in New York, London and Berlin. Later, the ideas began to be applied to other countries as well. This style grew in popularity in our country, especially with loft homes built on old factory properties.

Surfaces and elements

For floor materials, choose a material that mimics recycled planks and the concrete surface. You can also create a patinated-looking brick wall for your new home with decorative stones or wallpaper, and leave plumbing well visible.

dining table chair



You can imitate the industrial atmosphere with, for example, a black, steel-framed glass wall or steel stairs. A wide variety of wallpapers and laminate surfaces are also now available that replicate old, worn surface materials.



Choose light and minimalist furniture as a pair of sturdy industrial furniture. If you want to emphasize the industrial style, get metal or wood drawer cabinets and display cabinets in the style of store furniture. If the dining area is combined with an open living room, choose a recycled wood coffee table next to the modern sofa and minimalist chairs around the sturdy plank dining table. Choose furniture that uses timeless materials such as recycled planks, metal, rattan, and ropes. In general, natural tones are preferred in the industrial style. If you want more intense colors, get furniture with a beautifully worn metal surface.



Choose dark and yellowish wood options for your furniture. The solid oak Old Oak table has sturdy iron legs suitable for industrial style.


Inspired by work lights, luminaires are a quick way to create an industrial style. Get products with outdated metal details. Choose either one large ceiling light or several small lamps. Install a light coming above the dining table 60-80 cents from the table surface. If you want to pimp your existing luminaire, replace it with a beautiful textile-covered or vintage-spiral twisted cord. A filament LED lamp that looks like an old light bulb completes the look. If you buy old luminaires for your home, have them checked by an electrician or luminaire.

lamps for dining table


Decorative items

The layered industrial style is suitable for the collector of vintage products. Bring old tools or a beautiful bottle collection found in Grandma’s liters to enhance the interior. Old store boxes are suitable as magazine baskets. If you want to color and humor, add signs and capital letters to your interior.


The mouth-blown Aate vase has a vintage spirit. Get either large ornaments or a collection of small ones.


The style includes rough and rough fabrics. Prefers raw cotton, unbleached linen, sisal fiber, leather, and imitation leather. Traces of life may be visible on the skin. Give recycled materials a new chance. You can put two smaller pile mats together in a large space. No one notices the joint, but it is easier to move and clean the carpets. You don’t need curtains in this style at all.


The hand-woven Domino wool rug has an interestingly uneven texture that creates coziness alongside metal furniture.

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