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Holi, the festival of colors is around the corner. It is a traditional festival celebrated among the Indians. It is a five-day festival but in modern times it is mostly celebrated for only two days. There is no doubt that it is the most popular festival across India. Ok, this is something that most of us know. We are not going to discuss furthermore(Know more about Holi). This being said we need to focus on our traditional Holi that is dying a slow death.

Why organic Holi colors?

Commonly we call holi colors Gulal. Traditionally the Gulal was made from flowers, plants, vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices. Earlier people use to pluck flowers and then they were left to dry under the sun rays. After that, these dried petals were finely grounded. This powdered form of petals and leaves called Gulal.  Then they keep aside this Gulal for the auspicious day of holi. There are different terms for color in holi like Gulal, Abir, Rang, or Abhir.

But with the growing population and industrialization, people started producing synthetic colors instead of Gulal.  These colors are produced in a bulk quantity as dyes and are sold in pouches in local shops.  When we go to nearby local vendors to buy the holi colors, we will end up buying these artificial colors. These synthetic colors are hugely available in local markets. We always find the chemical version of Gulal in the local market.

With the increased use of toxic chemicals and synthetic dyes in holi colors, people have stopped playing this beautiful festival of color. At some point or another, each one of us has developed some kind of color reactions on skin and hair after playing holi. Those who are aware of this situation are terrified to play holi like they used to play. These colors are not only harmful to our skin but are also harmful to our lungs, hairs, and eyes. They irritate your skin and you develop rashes on it.

These synthetic colors have harmful chemicals like Copper, Mercury, Aluminium Bromide, Lead, Chromium, Zinc, Cadmium.  These chemicals are too toxic and poisonous. They have allergens and when we come in contact with them, it leads to skin irritation, red patches on the face, rashes on our bodies, eye infections, and hair problems.  They can cause breathing problems to anyone. These synthetic colors have cancer-causing chemicals.

To add the glitter these colors are mixed with metallic plastic and finely crushed mirrors.  They can give us a cut on our palms and face. The toxic holi colors not only have a bad impact on our health but also damage our environment. While playing holi the colors get mixed with air and spill all over the Earth’s surface leading to nature exploitation. 


At present, there is good awareness about the use of all these chemicals that are causing problems to our health. Consequently, people have stopped celebrating this colorful festival. It is a curse to our tradition. Whenever we go out to play holi with our family or friends there is always a fear of toxic colors going on to our skin. This is an alarming situation. The traditional way of celebrating holi is fading.

It does not matter if we are using pure and organic colors. What if the other person is not aware of these toxic colors and is using synthetic colors. This distress among the people is worrying. Let’s be aware of such problems and do not lead this problem to sink your tradition.

At least we can take some initiatives to solve this problem. Firstly, we can try making the colors at home. Motivate your family, relatives, and friends to DIY holi colors at home. And ask them to try the same. If not much we can at least make the Red, Yellow, and Green colors. They can easily be made from Hibiscus Flower(red color), Marigold flower(yellow color), and Henna leaves(green color). There are many DIYs available over the internet.  You can search for it and make it yourself.

Another thing that we can do is – send an organic gift hamper to family and friends and ask them to use those colors only. We can easily buy these gift hampers online or send them the colors we made at home. There can’t be a better gift for holi. Slowly, we will be able to replace all these synthetic and harmful colors with organic colors.

As we all know this festival is a triumph of good over evil. We must try it one more time to prove it. Varnish all the synthetic colors this year and play a colorful and peaceful Holi. Let’s go back to the traditional way of playing holi.

Are you also a person who is afraid of Holi colors?

Not to worry. We here have listed some of the best organic holi colors for you. They are 100% natural and cruelty-free. Choose the best organic holi colors from this guide and you can also gift these organic holi colors to your friends and colleagues. 

 1. Organic Holi Colors



  • This is 100% chemical-free Gulal.
  • Contains Four different Colors- Green Pink, Yellow, and Orange. 
  • 40 gm each
  • Easy to clean.
  • Good fragrance.
  • Made from the extract of vegetables.
  •  Safe for babies.
  • A perfect holi gift hampers for family and friends.



2. Earth Inspired


  • This product is skin-friendly
  • Handmade herbal holi colors
  • Eco-friendly
  • Six different colors
  • 50 gm each
  • Excellent Pure herbal colors




3.Lustrous Natural Holi colors


  • Absolutely free from harmful chemicals. 
  • Contains 5 different colors. 80 gm each
  • Purely herbal
  • Easy to wash off
  • Glittery Colors
  • These herbal colors float less in the air causing less air pollution. 
  • Enjoy a safe holi and add vibrance to your life with these soft colors.




4. Handmade

  • Handmade Holi colors
  • Smooth on skin
  • Contain 5 Different Gulal of 100 gm each
  • Made of vegetable extracts and food colors
  • Sandalwood Fragrance 
  • Easy to cleanse
  • Non-toxic and safe
  • A beautiful gift for corporates and friends. 
  • Bring life to the Holi party with these colors. 
  • Natural & Permitted Food Grade Ingredients



5. Launderable


  • Easy to clean and wash
  • Does not stick on your skin 
  • Causes no skin irritation
  • Comes in 4 shades, 300gm
  • Gives mild fragrance
  • Good quality and non-toxic
  • Add drama to your holi party with these cruelty-free organic colors.
  • An Awsome Holi gift pack for your loved ones.     Buy



6. Non-aggressive Holi colors

  • Celebrate this holi with this pack of Non-aggressive colors.
  • 100% natural holi colors.
  • Subtle on skin.
  • Does not causes rashes on the skin.
  • Package Includes – 3 Herbal Assorted Color.
  • Gift this cute set to kids and friends.
  • It’s the cutest holi gift pack online.




7. Sattvic Holi Colors

  • Environmentally-sound product. 
  • Non-toxic and talc-free.
  • Made using flowers and herbs.
  • Purely organic holi colors.
  • Pack contains 5 different colors, 200 grams each.
  • Easy to deterge.
  • Safe for babies and adults.
  • The packaging is eco-friendly and biodegradable
  • Can be used wet or dry.
  • Eco-friendly holi gift.                Buy


8. Spray Bottle Holi Color

  •  What is better than a color spray bottle for a fun party? 
  • Colors are Non-toxic.
  • Pure herbal Gulal made from Maze starch.
  • Organic Holi colors.
  • Create a rainbow using these spray color bottles.
  • Soft on skin.
  • Does not causes any skin reactions.
  • Celebrate this sparkling festival by gifting this cute gift set to your friends and family. 
  • A best holi gift pack.




9. Red Holi Color

  • Handmade herbal red Holi color.
  • Organic Holi colors.
  • Pack of 3, 100 grams each.
  • Safe on skin and hair.
  • Made from Herbs, food colors, and Tesu flowers.
  • Essential oil added for Fragrance.
  • Fill the room with vibrance with this color range.
  • Can be used to decorate Rangoli.
  • It is a perfect Holi gift pack.





10. Spray Holi Color


  • Superior quality Herbal Gulal powder.
  • Fill the thunder to the party using this spray holi color.
  • Absolutely skin-friendly.
  • This holi Color is loaded with the goodness of naturally extracted herbs and plants.
  • Excellent Aroma.
  • Enjoy color wars with these spray bottles.
  • Will perfectly suit your skin.
  • Keeps your skin beautiful even when the face is smudged into the color.
  • No synthetic ingredients are mixed in the colors.
  • Keep our nature mother protected and safe by using these organic color ranges.










Buy the best organic holi colors from the given list and make your holi cheerful and colorful. 

Thanks for reading. Please share your views below in the comment box.

Wish you a Happy and Safe Holi!

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